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XVP - Thinking of moving to Vegas?

Just thought I would mention some houses are being built one block from me in the area near Jones and Flamingo. I may have mentioned before, this is a very nice area, one mile from the Palms and Gold Coast, walking distance to a library, post office, and senior center, and also two bus lines, close to Chinatown, and about 1/2 mile to a large supermarket. Also surprisingly quiet and desirable, since people stay in their houses for years (we’ve been here 20 years) and it is so convenient, not many houses come up for sale. Most of houses were built in the 70s, but a few blocks around have been built after that, like our block. But new construction is rare. I don’t know much about the new houses, but they apparently start in the low $300,000 which is right for this area, and includes single and 2 story. Lots look like they will be quite small, good for low maintenance. Info —. Platinumrealtydevelopment.com. Just thought I would mention it since new construction is so rare in this area. I do not know how up much, if any, customization can be done to these.