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Tunica Roadhouse $5 VP

Thank you, SB. The six high-limit games that you reported are now in vpFREE2. Someone had previously reported $5 8/5/35 BP so that's probably the BP you saw. Someone else had also reported $5 9/7 DB, so that has been added also for a total of eight games on those machines.


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Now as for the "high limit" games, they are all on uprights. Numerous
ones in the VP area mostly on the wall along the back corner of the VP
area. Those games have at least 5 denoms on them.
$5/$2/$1/Halves/Quarters. I did not check every single game and
machine, but once you get to the dollar level they seem to all have good
pay tables. If you want to play high EV low stakes games go after the
slant tops.

In any event the $1/$2/$5 uprights all have the following games on
multiple machines: 8/5 Super Aces and Triple Deuces wild as noted
before. You can also find 9/5 Super Double Bonus, 9/6 Bonus Poker
Deluxe, 9/6 Jacks, 9/7 Triple Double Bonus and some version of Bonus
Poker, but not sure if it was the one that pay 35 for all quads or not.
I was really hoping to find higher denom APDW, but only Deuces to be
found at $2 and $5 level is super volatile triple Deuces. No luck
finding 10/6/40 DDB above $1 either. It drops to 9/6 DDB on the high
denom uprights.