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Our Triumphant return to Tunica!? rooms, diamond in a day, kids, etc.

I am gonna try for diamond in a day at the Roadhouse.
Is the vpfree database up to date for the Roadhouse?
I am hoping to spend no more than 9 hours playing $
not so ugly deuces wild.

Someone else mentioned that Tunica Roadhouse does not have any NSUD, not is there any listed in vpFREE2.com. They do have $1 APDW, a different paytable than NSUD.

You also asked about the day for DIAD. All other Caesars properties seem to use 6 am - 6 am for DIAD but check before you play. And I believe you will be issued an actual Diamond card, not a temporary one.

I recently asked on their website after logging in about the points need for DIAD and how long it's good for. The reply was 3000 points and it's good till March of next year if earned Jan-Nov. Here's what they wrote:

"It is definitely good news that there is a way to acquire Platinum or Diamond status in only one day at any of our properties! Players who accumulate 2,000 Base Reward Credits in one day will be assigned immediately to Platinum status, and 3,000 Base Reward Credits in a single day automatically qualify the player for Diamond. If attained from Jan-Nov, Platinum or Diamond status is valid through March of the following year. Please keep in mind this daily criteria must be earned at one property."

We'd love to hear about your trip after you get back home.


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I spoke to TR on the phone and am not satisfied that the person I spoke with knew what they were talking about. I intend to call back, but I thought that one of you might be able to enlighten me. I am hoping that to reach Diamond in a day from my current Gold status of 0 base credits that I need to earn 3,000 base credits in a 24 hour period, or $30,000 coin in on vp. Is that correct? Is the "day" at the Roadhouse 6:00 am - 6:00 am? Will I be issued an actual Diamond card that is good until next march or some sort of temporary one for a few days until I reach the 11,000 base credits needed?