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More on Yahoo Changes

I've looked into, and decided against, moving vpFREE to Groups.io,
and I'll continue looking at every viable possibility of an alternate
platform for vpFREE. I've moved a couple of small groups I'm involved
with to Google Groups, but vpFREE is too large for moving seamlessly.

We're not in too bad of shape for ongoing operations. The vpFREE
Yahoo group will continue receiving and forwarding group messages,
and the current messages can be viewed and are being archived at:


and, we still have this website:


My main concern now is making available the old message archives,
photos and files that will disappear from the vpFREE Yahoo website.
I've downloaded them all to my computer, but the message archives
are so huge, they're not easily suited for web display. I'm working on
this problem.

Important links will be in the footer info on vpFREE messages.

vpFREE Administrator