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Monthly vpFREE Posting Guidelines Notification

Monthly vpFREE Posting Guidelines Notification



<a href="http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1955/20228/V/POL_P.htm">

1. Everyone should read and be familiar with the vpFREE
FAQ before posting messages on vpFREE Forums.

2. Every message's subject line should accurately identify
the content of the message, to facilitate faster navigation
by interested or uninterested members.

3. If you reply to a message and change the subject matter,
either start a new thread (preferable) with a new subject
line or rename the subject line to reflect its new focus.

4. When replying to messages, quote just enough of the
previous post to maintain continuity. Delete the rest of
the previous post.

5. When replying to messages, clearly differentiate the
previous message(s) from your comments, so that it will be
easy to identify who wrote what.

6. Never post lengthy copyrighted material verbatim without
permission. This includes posts from non-vpFREE internet
forums. Instead, post a link to the material and/or a
summary. Short, credited excerpts may be quoted.

7. Don't use any vpFREE member's real name, even their
first name, on any vpFREE forum unless they themselves use
their real name there.

8. As a spam prevention measure, no one can upload to the
Files Directory on the vpFREE home page unless they get
temporary upload access from the Administrator.

9. Casino personnel probably monitor vpFREE Groups so posts
containing sensitive information should take this into

10. Members are expected to observe the rules of
Netiquette , and to practice politeness and show good taste
in their vpFREE posts.

11. Any post that disagrees with vpFREE Dogma and
reaches contradictory conclusions, should be supported with
significant, persuasive documentation. Generalizations and
limited anecdotal evidence aren't persuasive.

12. Most vpFREE members rely on the forum for accurate
information, and may misunderstand, misinterpret or be
confused by tongue-in-cheek posts which are presented as
fact. Always make it very clear in your posts if they are
tongue-in-cheek, by using "smilies", stating that you're
kidding or something similar.

13. Use FREEvpFREE for any political, religious, or smoking
vs. non-smoking discussions. Non-partisan status reports
about smoking and non-smoking availability in casinos are OK
on vpFREE.

14. Promotional Posts - The preferred method for marketing
products and services on vpFREE is an un-obtrusive link
underneath the signature at the end of a post and/or
advertising on the vpFREE Exchange. In addition, a member
may make a maximum of one vp-related promotional post in any
6 month period.

15. If you have Yahoo administrative problems, send a
private email to the Administrator, after you have checked
the vpFREE Yahoo! Administrative Problems Directory.

16. Let the Administrator do the administrating. Send any
comments, questions, suggestions or disagreements about
vpFREE policies or procedures to the Administrator via
private email or post them on FREEvpFREE.

vpFREE Administrator