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Jean Scott's Frugal Vegas LVA BLOG - 27 SEP 2019

Jean Scott's Frugal Vegas LVA BLOG - 27 SEP 2019

Cherokee Casino Surprise



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Well earned second retirement. The environment changed so you had the best years of the run and left nothing on the table.

I read about this Cherokee play with some interest. Funny what you can find in out of the way places, the kind of places I hang out in these days. I found 50 Cent and $1 NSUD and 9/6 Jacks progs., .5% meter at Winstar in Thackerville, Oklahoma. I’m not really concentrating on video poker anymore as there is better money in other things.

I ran a 12K wager just to see what they would send me. Ever since they have been sending me 3 two-day hotel packages a month with freeplay. I don’t use them all but but will use one when I’m in the area. And I try to time it where I can run two packages back to back if I want to. This has to do with whether In find a big number in the progs or not.

They are located in the London and Rome bartops. When I get there I have two shots at finding a good number at the 50 Cent level and two shots of finding a good number in the $1 level.

The freeplay is tricky to figure out. The hotel room and freeplay offers come in two separate mailers with their own dates so it can be hard to match up. But I always get more freeplay than what the mailers say. For some reason that $50 in freeplay in the mail turns into $200 when I get there.

I have a few other spots with this same set up but am not willing to divulge the locations at this time. I get treated better in these spots than anything Nevada has to offer me.