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Greektown casino, XVP, rant mode on. Raging on.

I visited Greektown casino about a week ago and didn’t have my VIP parking card so I parked on the 6th floor. Parking spots were tight and I ended up parking in the row just north of the exit, in a single spot.

I return to my car a couple hours later and the security guard is sticking a warning label on my car. I ask him what is going on and he says " You can’t park there". I ask why not and he said it is clearly marked. I ask where it is marked. He points to a "Do not enter " sign above the parking spot. I inform him that Do not enter and do not park are not the same thing. He then points in back of me to a Right turn only sign. Again, I say what does that have to do with parking? Then he says there is no yellow stripe where I parked. I point out that over half of the yellow stripes on the 6th floor are worn down to the point where they are barely noticeable. He just mumbles that it is clearly marked. I thank him for his consideration.

Now, this is the same floor where there are 2 exits signs, 2 foot apart, pointing towards each other. I guess the exit is a black hole between the 2 signs. At another area is a sign that points right and says “Casino”. Next to it is a sign saying one way, pointing the other way. I guess they just want you know where the casino is but don’t try driving that way.

I shouldn’t be surprised that the casino is so poorly run. They can’t even run a parking lot. The space counters haven’t worked since they were installed. I guess it takes over 15 years to fix a counter.

The biggest issue with the whole parking deal was that the warning label said my car would be towed in 3 hours. No where does it say this is a tow away zone. It doesn’t even really indicate that it is a no parking area.

If they had towed my car, I would have a) called the police and reported it stolen and b) sued them in small claims court for the towing and any incidental costs ( cab fare to get to the impound lot. And yes, I would have taken a cab). Incompetence and arrogance. What a lovely combination.

And as long as I’m in rant mode, do people really not know how to get on an elevator? Or merge on a highway entrance? It’s not that hard. Wait for people to exit the elevator before you enter. And its not just kids. I see all ages doing this. And the freeway entrance? You have zero right of way when entering. You need a clear entrance point before you enter. That doesn’t mean if you can beat the cars on the freeway by milimeters, forcing them to hit their brakes. It means if the cars on the freeway even have to take their foot off the accelerator, you are not merging correctly.

I’m going to send a copy of the above to Greektown. I doubt it will do any good.