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20-3 Monthly vpFREE Exchange Notification

Monthly vpFREE Exchange Notification

Listings now include:

- Casino-Related Items Store

- Enrolled Agents for tax assistance

- Professional Sports Jerseys

- Senior-level Freelance Technical Writer

- Vacation Rentals

- Vegas Job Links

The vpFREE Exchange is accessible via vpFREE Links"
or directly at:



<a href="http://www.west-point.org/users/usma1955/20228/V/Links_CX.htm">

Any member who would like to have a listing in the vpFREE
Exchange should send me a private email with a short blurb
and contact information.

The vpFREE Exchange will be publicized by periodic posts
to vpFREE.

vpFREE Administrator




vpFREE is, and will always remain, a non-profit operation. Neither
vpFREE nor the vpFREE Administrator has any financial interest, direct
or indirect, in any commercial video poker related product or endeavor.