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found TITO at MGM

I was playing at MGM a couple weeks ago and I saw a machine that had $2.07 in credits and was waiting for a hand pay. I’m not sure why the $2.07 was a hand pay but it was. The music was playing and the machine appeared to be abandoned. After about 10 minutes, I walked away and proceeded with my task at MGM.

I circled back and the machine was still in the same state. I sat down again and a few minutes later, a slot attendant showed, looked inside and then gave me $3.00. I thought that was pretty generous so I offered her $1 for her troubles and she politely refused.

Now, the point of this story isn’t whether finding abandoned credits is legal or not. I thought that rounding the ticket up was a nice touch and the slot attendant refusing the tip was unexpected.


That is odd. I have had a machine or two do the tiny handpay before, but in the hundreds of casinos we have been in, I have never had a slot attendant decline a tip!